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Starorussky Polytechnical College (branch)

Starorussky Polytechnical College (branch) of the State Educational institution of higher education  Novgorod State University named after Yaroslav the Wise
Founded: March 31, 1994
The history of Starorussky Russa Polytechnical College (branch) of the Novgorod State University began with the creation of Staraya Russa evening Forestry College at Old Russian Marine Engineering Plant. (Order of the Minister of Forestry on August 5, 1955 № 254).
        Starorussky evening Forestry College was renamed  Starorussky evening Mechanical College according to the decision of Council of National Economy of the Leningrad Economic Administrative Region from January 23, 1958 № 48.
        On 1st September, 1993 Starorussky evening Mechanical College was reorganized into Starorussky Mechanical College where  full-time education was organized in connection with the growing needs of enterprises, organizations and institutions of Staraya Russa in the highly skilled mechanical and economic profile. (Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation from 30.07.93 № 323).
On September 1, 1993 college began full-time training in speciality Economics and Planning in the sectors of the economy. College was situated at: Staraya Russa, st. Clara Zetkin, etc. 22.
       In 1992 Starorussky Mechanical College was transformed into a structural unit of the Novgorod State University on the rights of the secondary technical department - Starorussky Polytechnical College (without legal entity status) in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation "On education", the decision of the Committee on Higher Education Ministry of Science of Russia from 13.03.1992 № 13 "On the introduction of a multilevel structure of higher education in the Russian Federation" and on the basis of decisions of the Academic Council of the Novgorod State University and the Education Committee. (Order of the Russian Federation State Committee for Higher Education from 31.03.94 № 249).
        The first director of Starorussky Polytechnical College was Lenok Svetlana (03/31/1994 - 10/13/1996), then she was replaced by Nikolai V. Zanin (10.14.1996 -08.06.1999). On June 9, 1999 to the present time the director is Nela M. Gromova.
        In October 1994 school year started in the building constructed in the 1920- th of the twentieth century for Alekseevskoe real school, at: Staraya Russa, st. Marx, 4
        The building is an architectural monument of the early twentieth century. In 1981, a plate of white marble was placed on the wall, with the text: "In this building in 1941 2-nd Partisan Brigade (the commander - Hero of the Soviet Union NG Vasilyev, Commissioner S. Orlov) was formed . This brigade defeated Nazi-German garrisons at the distance of seventy miles southwest of Staraya Russa, as a result of this victory a special partisan area was formed and it existed in the vast territory  until September 1942 "
        In 1994 the college began training in the specialty Primary School Teaching, in 1995  in the speciality Law and Social Security Organization of secondary vocational education. Since 1996, the college began to train mid-level professionals in the field of Law and Management (according to the branches).
        In 1997, an educational institution created the first computer lab, equipped with modern facilities with Internet access.The first president of the Novgorod State University, Vladimir Soroka, representatives of city administration and Staraya Russa district attended  its grand opening on the 21 May , 1997. On 1st September , 1997 college began training in speciality Computer Software and Automated Systems.

        College trains specialists for machine building industry, educational institutions of Staraya Russa and the district as well as for other businesses and organizations of different ownership forms, including law enforcement and state and municipal government.
In 2001 the college began training by correspondence.
        In 2003 Starorussky Polytechnical College was renamed Starorussky Polytechnical College (branch) of the state educational institution of higher education ", Novgorod State University named after Yaroslav the Wise." by order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation of 19.02.2003  № 588 in 2007 according to the results of studying the needs of the labor market in the town of Staraya Russa Starorussky Polytechnical College began training in the speciality Maintenance and Repair of Aircrafts and Engines on the basis of the existing specialty Engineering technology.
        At present, the college is training in five specialties of secondary vocational education: Law, Primary school Teaching,  EngineeringTechnology,Computer Software and Automated systems, Nursing.

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