20.04.2019  Future Technologists and Biologists came back from the Congress of Young Scientists at ITMO

The students of the NovSU School of Agriculture and Natural Resources, future Agro-Processing Technologists and Biologists, came back from the Congress of Young Scientists, which is held by the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University).

Technology students took part in the section “Applied Biotechnology”. This section was devoted to the study of fundamental problems of food and nutrition as the basis for creation of modern food technologies: the technology of milk and dairy products production; cooking and vegetable fats; ice cream with vegetable fats as well as the biotechnology of next generation dairy products.

The competition of reports on biotechnology of functional products is held within the section for admission to the ITMO University Master’s program. Novgorod students presented three reports: Erkinaz Hajiyevа - “Intensification of the fermentation process in the long loaf “Gorodskoy” production, Andrei Gromak -“Research of the properties of honey with dried fruit”, Alexander Popov -“Development of ground meat ingredients with pumpkin”. All of them were highly praised by the jury.

A student Margarita Vihrova of the Biology and Biological Department presented the report “Development of a Gluten-Free Bread Formulation” at the section “Biotechnology of Products from Plant Raw Materials”. Anna Ulyanova participated with the report “Development of the methods for coumarins isolation from hogweed” in the section “Industrial Ecology and Cleaner production”. In the section “Food Biotechnology of Products from Plant Raw Materials”, the report “Isolation of Bioflavonoids from Different Tea Sorts” was presented by Anna Ulezko. The experts noted a high significance of those researches and gave advice for more in-depth study of the topics.

All participants received an invitation for admission to the ITMO University Master’s program after graduation at NovSU.