Guidelines for Conference Materials

Dear participants of the conference, 

During registration at the conference, you will receive the conference materials including program and list of presentations within topics. 

Presentation format: speaker/ speaker + slides/ poster. 

Each speaker will be given 15 minutes: 10 minutes to present his/her topic and 5 minutes for discussion. 

Guidelines for Academic Presentation: 

  1. Format:  presentation should be in MS PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx).
  2. Structure: it is recommended to use no more than 10 slides. A title slide is required (full name of the speaker, name of organization, position, and topic).
  3. Content: presentation should cover the main stages of research, valuable, full and clear information on the topic.
  4. Text: text on the slides should contain supportive notes (keywords, lists). It is allowed to highlight the most important information by color, size.
  5. Fonts: fonts should be readable. Recommended size for headings is 24, for text - 18. Text can be highlighted by color (no more than three different colors).
  6. Visuals: tables, diagrams, graphs, illustrations of good quality, with a clear image can be used on slides. Visuals should support the content, but not to distract from it. The video should be of high quality. Running time of one video - no more than 45 seconds.
  7. Design: design should correspond to the topic and content of the presentation.  All slides should have the same template. Animation should be minimized.

Poster presentations should be sent to the conference 3 days prior the session beginning.

Papers for further publication should be formatted in compliance with the guidelines.