14.05.2020  Novgorod State University makes changes and additions to the admission rules

Due to the threat of spreading of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) on the territory of Russia and in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Novgorod State University makes changes and additions to the admission rules.

This year, all work with applicants will be carried out ONLY through ONLINE TECHNOLOGIES. Admissions will start on June 20. Please, pay attention to the following information:

An Admission Application with all necessary for admission documents can only be submitted in electronic form through the applicant's personal account in the "Applicant" section on the NovSU official website. It will open on June 20. All documents should be scanned or photographed with machine-readable recognition of their details and attached to the application in the applicant's personal account.

Please, note that all NovSU buildings will be closed during the admission campaign. Documents sent via postal operators or in person are not accepted. The application for admission consent is submitted online as well.

Foreign citizens and stateless persons, who submit documents using online technologies, should submit scanned copies of the notarized translation immediately, and not during the academic year. According to part 13 of article 107 of the Federal Law, documents on foreign education and (or) foreign qualifications recognized in the Russian Federation should be legalized in accordance with Russian law and translated into Russian language.

All entrance tests independently set by NovSU will be conducted online, as well as additional entrance tests of creative and (or) professional orientation, and appeal proceeding. During the entrance tests, NovSU provides identification of the applicant's personality.

Deadlines for documents submission and enrolment to the University depend on the dates of the State Exam. Information about deadlines will appear later.

If you have questions about admission to NovSU, please, contact the Admissions Office by phone +7(8162) 332044 or email: pk@novsu.ru.