03.11.2016  03.11.2016 A student from the Institute of Medical Education went to the international camp in Taiwan.

Slim Bergaoui – 4th year general medicine student of NovSU participated in the international agro-camp "International Fun Farming Camp", which took place in Taiwan.

Taking part in this Training camp was thanks to the participation of Slim Bergaoui in the global online project: «Effective Decision Making in the Age of Cloud Computing 2013-2015» (Russian Project Manager - Associate Professor Rinat Zalilov). Participating universities: University of Massachusetts, NovSU, National University of Ireland, The American University in Cairo, The National Chiao Tung University and The Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, Taiwan.

The main idea of the camp was about the cultivation, preparation and management of organic vegetables consumption (green products without GMOs), the target audience -Taiwanese school students and the language of communication - English .

Particular attention in the work of medstudent of NovSU was dedicated to teaching school students healthy balanced diet, introducing them to the Russian and Tunisian culture and simultaneously getting to know Taiwanese culture and traditions.

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