03.09.2021  Chinese students started their study at the NovSU

On September 1, a group of Chinese students who will study finance and the Russian language at Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University met online with their future instructors.


18 students from Yan'an University will study at Novgorod State University. The Institute of Digital Economy, Management and Service in cooperation with a HEI from the People's Republic of China designed a "2+2" Bachelor's Degree Program "Finance and Russian Language". The program will provide the opportunity to simultaneously master economic disciplines and practice the Russian language. At the initial stage of language learning, close attention will be paid to financial terminology.

To facilitate adaptation to the Russian environment, a specialist who speaks Chinese will work with students from the PRC. They will also have tutor teachers.

It is expected that the number of Chinese students at NovSU will increase annually. Next year, at least twice as many people will come to study from the PRC.