12.11.2021  Novgorod State University offers 55 free programs to study Russian language on line.

Courses are available for foreign citizens living in Russia and abroad. There is no age limit for listeners. One can enroll in one or several courses from elementary to certification level.

The duration of each course is from 10 to 20 academic hours.

The training is carried out by highly qualified teachers with extensive experience in the field of teaching Russian as a foreign language.

The top 100 students will be able to take a free test in Russian as a foreign language at an elementary or basic level. After testing, they will receive a standardized certificate, officially confirming the level of language proficiency.

A complete list of additional general education courses:

Elementary level (A1):

“Adjective. Nominative”

“Present tense of verbs”

“Communication stereotypes”

“Getting acquainted”

“Nationality. Language. Motherland”

“Family. About myself”

“At a café”

“My day”

“Directions and city orientation”

 Basic level (A2):

“Visiting a friend”

“Health. Well-being”

“Orientation in the city. Transport”

“Shopping. Clothes and footwear”

“Shopping. Groceries”

“At the bank. At the post office”

“On the exam”

“State symbols of Russia. Flag”

“State symbols of Russia. Coat of arms”

“Easter is a spiritual New Year in Russia”

“Professional holidays in Russia”

 2nd certification level (B2):

“Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Life and work”

“Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Reading a story in Russian”

“Nadezhda Alexandrovna Teffi. Life and work”

“Nadezhda Alexandrovna Teffi. Reading a story in Russian”

and other programs.


Educational programs of the Open Russian Language project are being implemented with the support of the RF state program for the Development of Education.

 The recruitment of listeners will last until mid-December 2021. Participation in the courses of the Open Russian Language project is free.

 To participate, please, register on the website https://info.ruslearning.ru/

International students