27.12.2007  On 26 December, 2007 a new version of “English” web-page on the Novgorod State University web-site was presented to the members of Commission on International Activity of the University Academic Council.

The «English» web-page (information about the NovSU in English) is located on the NovSU web-site ( The following information can be found on this web-page:
• University (General Information, Mission, Facts and Figures, Structure, Historical Background, Regional and Industrial Peculiarities, Address and Contact Information);
• International Relations Department (Informational and Analytical Office, International Relations Office, Office of International Academic Programmes, Visas and Registration Office, Partner-Universities);
• Admission (General Information, Who can become a NovSU student, Students' Guide, Contact Information); Education & Research (General information, Institute of Electronic and Information Systems, Institute of Humanities, Institute of Medical Education, Institute of Continuous Pedagogical Education, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Institute of Economics and Administration, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Fine Arts and Construction);
• Veliky Novgorod (information about the city).
This web-page was designed by Natalia Ilyashenko, Head of Informational and Analytical office.