10.04.2008  Deputy Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Gennady Porovskiy and Head of Informational and Analytical Office Natalia Ilyashenko took part in the meeting within the framework of the Russian-Dutch project «Strategic Management and Quality Assurance in Russian Higher Education»

The meeting took place in Prague on 6-9 April, 2008.

The purpose of meeting was presentation and discussion of materials for a future case study book on the implementation on practical projects in Russian higher education institutions. During the seminar series the four universities of North-West of Russia - Novgorod State University, Petrozavodsk State University, Pomor State University and Ukhta State Technical University - worked on their own management projects in order not only to be taught but also apply the given information in their own specific home context through a practical project that benefits their own institutions. The book will include materials in Russian and English languages and present the project results to wider Russian audience, reference for the participating universities, material with relevant information on the topic for decision-maker on various levels (national as well as institutional). The book will be published by autumn of 2008.