28.05.2018  NovSU and 1C Company signed an Cooperation Agreement in the field of information technologies

On May 25, at the Saint Petersburg international economic forum, Yuri Borovikov, acting Rector of Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University and Boris Nuraliev, director of 1C Company, signed a Cooperation Agreement.

The cooperation of the Novgorod University and the 1C company should contribute to improving the efficiency of the management, and development of the electronic information and educational environment of the university, reducing technological risks while implementing and operating the university automation systems for educational, scientific, and financial and economic activities on the platform "1C: Enterprise" .

The creation of favorable conditions for an in‑depth study of 1C technology at NovSU for students, faculty and staff members, and improvement of ICT training courses should be another significant result devoted to issues of developing, administration, implementation, maintenance of large information systems. 

"Digitalisation is one of the main trends of modern education. Developing University would be unthinkable without active use of IT technologies. This cooperation with 1C Company would allow the students of Novgorod University to develop in the most perspective industry of modern technologies. NovSU, in its turn, will prepare highly qualified personnel, who will be able to solve big and topical issues in this area. Prospects of signing the agreement are exceptionally positive" Yuri Borovikov believes.

"The increase in the number of IT personnel and the improvement of their education are one of core activities of digital economy development in Russia. Qualified personnel is the main resource of IT industry.  1C Company assigns high priority to cooperation with the leading Universities of Russia. We expect that the agreement signed today will help the Novgorod University to increase training of IT specialists, the IT education will be focused on solving ambitious tasks of digital transformation," Boris Nuraliev, the director of 1C Company, said. 

For the record, Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University ( is higher educational institution, located in Veliky Novgorod. It also has the status of a Flagship University. About 10, 000 students are currently educated at the university. There are 188 doctors and 566 candidates of science. 133 educational programs are offered  at the University. NovSU is actively developing international relations. Bilateral cooperation agreements were signed with 74 universities and international organizations of 23 countries. 479 international students study at NovSU. On the level of Informatization development, NovSU ranks as one of the best Universities of Russia. 

1C Company ( specializes in the development, distribution, edition and support of computer software. 1C Company deals with users through the partnership network. It has more than 10 000 long-term partners from 25 countries, including 7000 firms. One of the most famous 1C Company developments is program system called 1C-Enterprise - ERP‑class solutions for improving the efficiency of enterprises and institutions built on innovative technology platform. This platform provides great flexibility, scalability and highest-productivity corporate solutions, operations in a cloud computing mode (SaaS) including on the mobile devices. 1C-Enterprise is being successfully applied for automation of management and accounting in over 1,500,000 organizations, including the largest corporations and state structures. The system is leading in the number of automated employment in the ERP market in Russia.