28.09.2018  Yury Borovikov is elected to the post of the rector of Novgorod State University by a majority of votes

On 27 September, elections of the rector of Novgorod State University were held in the NovSU School of Humanities assembly hall. As a reminder: since November 2017, Yury Borovikov, doctor of technical science, professor, has been appointed as an acting rector.

On 29 May, the NovSU Academic Council approved the list of candidates for this post: the acting rector Yury Borovikov, the vice-rector for Academic Affairs and Innovation Andrey Efremenkov, the director of the Polytechnic College, the head of the Legal Office, the director of the Junior Academy of State Administration Vladimir Shultsev. 

In September, Yury Borovikov’s and Andrey Efremenkov’s candidatures were approved to participate in the rector elections by the decision of Qualifying Commission of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia. 

On 27 September, the NovSU staff conference (70 delegates from the NovSU structural units and 68 members of the Academic Council) elected the rector by secret ballot. 

The counting commission members were the head of the Student Body Office Sergey Gudilov, the head of the Legal Office Vladimir Shultsev, the head of the Human Resources Office Lyubov Sorokina, the professor of the Finance and Statistics Department Tatiana Eldieva and Islam Rahimov, a student. 

Prior to the vote, the candidates delivered speeches, answered questions and the delegates made statements in the discussion. 

As a result, the counting commission announced the following results: the number of issued ballot papers was 133, the number of ballot papers in the box was 133, of which 114 were valid, and 19 were invalid. Yury Borovikov received 104 votes, Andrey Efremenkov – 10. Thus, Yury Borovikov was elected to the post of the rector of Novgorod State University. 

Yury Borovikov will take his duties upon approval by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the conclusion of employment agreement. 

In his address to the delegates, Yury Borovikov thanked them for the support given to him and promised: "I try my best to meet your expectations and, in the time allotted to me, serve Novgorod State University faithfully".