06.10.2018  Rector of NovSU met with the President of the Baltic Sea Region University Network

On October 5, Rector of NovSU Yury Borovikov met with representatives of the Baltic Sea Region University Network (BSRUN). Among the representatives were Professor Kari Hyppönen, the President of the Network (Finland) and the Secretariat member Alexey Yurin, leading expert of the International Information and Analytical Center of St. Petersburg State University of Economics (Russia).

On the part of NovSU there were Vice Rector for International Relations Mikhail Pevzner, Director of the Center for Cooperation with the Nordic and Baltic countries Valentina Grokhotova, Head of the International Relations Office Natalia Shaydorova and Assistant of Rector for International Protocol and Work with International Students Anton Smirnov.

Cooperation between NovSU and the BSRUN became the main theme of the discussion. Yuri Borovikov outlined several areas of prospective cooperation, which include the joint work on holding the next International Cooperation Week at the Novgorod University, academic exchanges of students and teachers, etc. In addition, the Rector proposed to pay more attention to collaborative filing applications for various grants. He claimed that this aspect requires revision and rethinking.

Kari Hyppönen, in his turn, stated that he agreed with the rector of NovSU on all the points mentioned. He considers  the idea of the Network as an opportunity for universities to learn something from each other. Also, it should be noted that now there are 26 universities in BSRUN: half of them are European, and the second half are from Russia and Belarus.

By the way, next year there will be a general meeting of universities-participants of the BSRUN, where they will develop common plans for cooperation for the next three years.