08.10.2018  A public lecture on investment was held for the NovSU School of Economics and Management students

On October 01-07, the Bank of Russia in cooperation with the Moscow Exchange organized the International Investors Week initiated by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). This event was held for the second year.

This time, NovSU joined it as well: on October 3, at the Center of Artistic Intelligentsia named after Vladimir Soroka an open lecture “A Competent Investor in the Financial Market” was held. There was Department of Finance and Statistics among co-organizers of the lectures. Sergey Levchakov, Head of the regional department of the North-Western General Administration of the Russian Federation Central Bank, addressed the students and faculty members of the NovSU School of Economics and Management.

He spoke about the fundamentals of investment and the competencies a good investor should have, introduced the main types of investment products and told about their inherent risks, as well as about the protection of the rights of retail investors.