13.10.2018  The head of Parfino district assured that all the projects of design students will be used in Faneri Park

On October 12 at the NovSU Polytechnic School, there was a presentation of the contest design-projects on the creation of the environmental Faneri (plywood) Park objects in the central part of Parfino (a settlement in Novgorod Oblast). 10 projects on four sites were presented. Their authors were the students of the Design Department who offered a variety of ideas for the future of the Faneri Park: quest-park, sports grounds, marine and ship themes, mobile art objects, etc.

The jury included the director of LLC Arhikom Sergey Forer, Head of Parfino district Elena Leontieva and the Head of the NovSU Design Department Alexey Gavrilov. As a result, they selected four best projects – one for each site. Vladimir Shvedov, Vladislav Lebedev, Olga Lashkova and Maria Poputnikova became the winners. 

“The purpose of my project is to design a multifunctional sports area, using the plywood produced on the Parfino Plywood Factory”, said Maria Poputnikova. “On this site, it will be possible to hold competitions, holidays, concerts. It was important for me to make this site interesting for the residents of Parfino of different ages and with different hobbies: for athletes, children and their parents, passers-by”. 

The head of Parfino district Elena Leontieva said that they would use not only the projects of the winners: all offered projects would be implemented in the Faneri Park. In addition, Leontieva offered to present the work of students at a meeting of the town-planning council of Parfino district. “The idea of transformation of the settlement is directly related to its main enterprise - plywood factory - and our traditions. Therefore, the idea has received the support. Young and talented guys studying at the NovSU have a lot of interesting ideas in that regard. We wanted to move away from the generally accepted stereotypes in the improvement. We decided that the best help we could get from the university students with their creative approach, with their views that differ from the older generation. Students are our future, and they actually offer ideas for themselves and their children,” she said. 

The Head of the Design Department Alexey Gavrilov said: “All the participants worked on approximately the same level. Someone offered two or three interesting sites, someone offered just one, but fascinating. Today, all the participants were invited to share their sketches and include some new elements in their future projects. Therefore, we should not think that the winning works are unquestioningly taken as a basis, and all the rest projects are secondary”. 

We recall that the idea of creating Faneri Park in Parfino appeared in early 2017 and got the support in the Skolkovo Innovation Center, as well as at the forum Tavrida. Now Faneri Park is included in the state program of single-industry towns’ development. There is no clear concept of the Park yet, the main requirement is that the plywood from the Parfino Plywood Factory must be used for design.

 At the moment, the works in Faneri Park has already begun. The implementation of the selected student projects is planned for 2019-2020.