31.10.2018  The freshmen of the College of Humanities and Economics were initiated into students

Yesterday, October 29, a rite initiation to the students for freshmen was held in the NovSU College of Humanities and Economics. As Lyudmila Mosul, the Head of the College, has noted – they will become full-time students only after the “walking through hell”, “the hell week”, that is only by overcoming the difficulties of the first term exams.

For the third time, the rite initiation takes place in the form of a quest. This time, organizers prepared tasks for group cohesion, disclosure of leadership qualities and, most importantly, to get unforgettable emotions.

This is what Anastasia Komisova, a first-year student who would major in Pre-School Education, said after passing all the test stations: “In fact, I liked all the stations. We were saving the headman, preparing the vaccine and a lot of other things, but most of all I remember the station where we with our entire group performed great songs... It was the best initiation. Everything was very cool organized and thought out. Thanks very much to the organizers!” 

The organizers, by the way, were the Student Council and volunteers of the School with the teacher-organizer. 

In addition, this year the full-time Department of the College of Humanities and Economics enrolled about 150 students. The College prepares mid-level specialists in the following specialties: “Economics and accounting”, ”Banking”, ”Law and Organization of Social Security”, “Tourism”, “Pre-School Education”, “Organization of Service in Public Catering”, “Hotel Service”, “Primary Education”.