09.11.2018  End-to-End Education Model was discussed in Antonovo by Novgorodians and representatives of Higher School of Economics

On November 8 in Antonovo, there was a round table “End-to-End Education Model in the Novgorod region” with the representatives of the Higher School of Economics (HSE).

The round table was opened by the Deputy Minister of Education of the Novgorod region Sofya Ivanova, who recalled that the task of creating a system of end-to-end education in the Novgorod region was set by the Governor Andrey Nikitin. "This task was supported by the young people at the foresight camp in Valdai, saying that they would like to have education in our region, which would be connected by threads from kindergarten and school to vocational education institutions and the University. It gives the opportunity to develop an individual educational path for any resident of the region. So that this path corresponds to his talents and his capabilities, and gives an opportunity to fulfil themselves in the Novgorod land", said Mrs. Ivanova.

The Novgorod region Minister of Industry and Trade, Ilya Malenko, reported on the development of the economy in the region. He informed about the key competitive advantages of the region (for example, favorable logistics position), its largest enterprises and brands. Especially important, he said, is the personnel affairs. "Of course, the region's economy needs new qualified personnel. Today, the model of training should be built on the basis of not only current but also future projects that will come to the region", said Mr. Malenko.

Dmitry Algazin, director of the Center for Talent Development at NovSU, told about how the concept of the city - University is connected with the theme of end-to-end education. "The concept is based on the continuity of education. That is, children in kindergarten learn about their profile; attend clubs, which will be organized on the basis of the University, which will include, in principle, everything. School at the University, kindergarten at the University, etc. It should be a unified system where a student smoothly transfers from one place to another, while remaining in the same system." 

The following reports were presented at the round table: “The Labor Market. Personnel need forecasting system”, “System of Secondary Vocational Education Potential (Development of the “WorldSkills”. Organization of Demonstration Exam)”; “Potential of the General Education System (Industry-Specific Training. Professional Path. Ticket to the Future)”