30.11.2018  The conference dedicated to the World AIDS Day took place at NovSU

On November 29, the annual scientific and practical conference dedicated to the World AIDS Day took place at School of Medical Education. Ordinators and students of NovSU and secondary school students attended the conference.

Such meetings are held annually the day before December 1 - World AIDS Day. This year 10 reports on AIDS were made.

Where did the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) come from? Who became the carrier of the disease? What happens with the human body after being infected? These questions were answered in her report by Alexandra Kucherina, the student of the NovSU School of Medical Education. "One of the versions is that HIV came from Africa and the carrier of the virus was a monkey. Another version is that it is man-made virus. There is also a version that this virus existed in nature, but after testing the hydrogen bomb mutated and began to affect people," - said she in her report.

Also Alexandra told some recommendations, which can help to secure from virus. Here are some of them: make sure that in beauty salons and tattoo studios tools were asepticized before starting work, also use contraception during sex and lead a healthy lifestyle.