14.02.2019  Excellent result of the NovSU Legal Clinic Students at the Olympiad in Arkhangelsk

On February 11, an interregional competition for students of legal clinics "Practical Skills of a Lawyer" was held on the basis of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after Mikhail Lomonosov. Such competitions, which have already passed and which will be held this winter, are the stages of the International Olympiad "Professional Skills of a Lawyer."

Students with work experience in Legal Clinics of the Arkhangelsk region and nearby regions were invited to participate in the Olympiad. According to the results of the competitive selection of applications, NovSU was among the participants. 

NovSU Legal Consulting Center (Legal Clinic) was represented by a team of 4th year Law students: Artem Svetlorusov, Alina Buzulutskaya, Natalya Gerasimova, Vitaliy Antonov. All of them take an active part in the work on free legal counseling of citizens of Veliky Novgorod and the Novgorod region and already have an arsenal of practical skills of a lawyer and dozens of thanks from citizens for competent and professional legal assistance. 

All participants were divided into teams, with representatives of the same university included in the composition of different teams. Each team had to deal with the case simulation, the work on which took place in 3 stages: interviewing the client, analyzing and developing a position on the case, advising the client. The curators (teachers) of legal clinics, as well as practicing lawyers, acted as members of the jury. As a result, a team consisting of three people won. Two of them (Artem Svetlorusov and Alina Buzulutskaya) were the representatives of Novgorod State University. 


Members of the winning team will be able to take part in the international Olympiad stage in April without additional selection.