04.03.2019  School students from 5 regions visited the NovSU School of Medical Education on an Open Day

On March 3, an Open Day was held in NovSU School of Medical Education. School students and their parents from different regions participated in the event. The conference hall was full, as far as 200 people came to learn more about the school. The event organizers note, that medical programs are very popular now and many young people wish to enroll into the NovSU School of Medical Education, even though there is huge competition.

The first one, who welcomed prospective students, was Prof. Viktor Weber, the director of the School. He told the guests about university structure and recent changes in medical undergraduate programs. After that Nikolay Basalaev, the Head of Occupational Guidance Office, explained admission requirements, filing deadline and passing grades.

Moreover, the guests learned about science research opportunities, international internships and extracurricular activities for medical students. The School has many different sport sections, cafeteria and dormitories for students from other cities. The School’s leadership supports and helps to implement many of student projects.

During the Open Day, the guests were given an excursion of the School. They visited the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases, the Department of Human Morphology and after that – the Museum of Anatomy and the Centre of Medical Educational Technologies, where they were given an opportunity to try tactile sensitivity simulator.

It is important to note, that in 2019 there are 100 state-funded places for the program in Medical Care and 15 places for Dentistry and Pharmacy each. More than 50% of places are given for students, who signed agreements with their local health authorities.