22.02.2019  The future psychologists took part in the national competition “The Human Factor. Student League”

On 19 February, the NovSU team took part in the second and final stage of the national competition “The Human Factor. Student League”, which was held at Saint-Petersburg University of State Fire Service of Emercom of Russia. 17 teams from all over Russia participated in this event.

The NovSU team included the students from the Psychology department of the School of Continuous Pedagogical Education: Renat Koshevoi, Lilia Kuznetsova and Daniil Moiseev. 

The competition was divided into 3 parts. The first one was theoretical. The participants had to tackle with questions of first aid and mental support in the case of acute reaction to stress. The second part was all about implementation of this knowledge into practice. Finally, in the last part, the leaders of the teams got the tasks to say what they would do in this or that case of emergency. 

“At this competition, the students proved their competence, I mean, such things as efficient teamwork in the stress conditions.” – Elena Petrova, the Associate Professor of the NovSU  Psychology department, told us.  – “Besides, they acquire new knowledge. Students from the different departments were involved in the team, thus, they could learn from each other.”

Elena Petrova also noted that the value of such events is very high, because they contribute to the level of qualification, which the future relief workers could obtain. 

It is also worth mentioning that it is already the second time when our students participate in the event and as always they’ve taken the prizes.