26.02.2019  Discussion forum “Veche” was dedicated to Novgorod Technical School

More than thirty lectures, round-table talks, workshops, strategic sessions on a variety of topics – from the Development of the Creative Economy to the Tourist Potential of the Novgorod region – were held on February 22-23 at eight sites of “Tochka Kipeniya (Boiling Point)” in Veliky Novgorod.

The discussion, dedicated to the opening of the Novgorod Technical School, was held on Saturday, February 23, at the site of “Veche”.

The project “Novgorod Technical School” is a little more than a month. It has four co-founders: the government of the Novgorod school, Novgorod State University, University 20.35 and the Union “Young Professionals” (“Worldskills Russia”). Yuri Borovikov, acting rector of NovSU, noted this fact at the meeting, and elaborated upon the role of Novgorod University support in the development and appearance of this school. “We have planned to open the first five laboratories on the basis of NovSU in the first half of 2019, and ten more – in the second half of the year. For us, the key challenge is the ecosystem formation, as well as the staffing of these future laboratories”,  Yuriy Borovikov said.

As the participants of the discussion noted, it will not be just an educational institution where people would go for a diploma. This will be a space for supplementary education, where a person himself forms his own educational way, where he can master a specialty that may not even be presented at the market, but its appearance is already predetermined. The school should be built by 2021, this year in Veliky Novgorod will host the national final of the championship “Young Professionals” and the school building will be one of its sites. It was stated by Zakhar Lyashuk, director of the Novgorod Technical School. Building with an area of 18 hectares will be located on the Velikaya Street, at the place of former sand storage base. “Our task is to carry out design and survey works by September of this year. And by the end of the year the readiness of the facility should reach 20%”, Zakhar Lyashuk emphasized. He added that about 70% of all areas will be educational ones. Inside the building, which has a shape like the Novgorod Kremlin, will take place four laboratory units, a transforming hall for 1200 seats. The filling density will be high, each square meter will be used, and the general square will be more than 11.5 thousand square meters. 

What benefits will Novgorod region get from the technical school? The Minister of education of the Novgorod region Pavel Tatarenko answered this question: “Firstly, this project will provide access to technologies that will be within walking distance. Secondly, there will be an opportunity of quick trainings for teachers and masters of colleges and technical schools. Thirdly, the Novgorod Technical School will apply the best practices that will come to the region, and which will be implemented in the educational process and in organizations.” 

In addition, this project will attract new investors to the region, according to Pavel Tatarenko. “There is no secret that business invests a lot of money in the retraining of specialists within companies. Our task is to transfer this money to us, to create a continuous cycle of retraining, to respond very quickly and flexibly to all the requests”, the Minister of regional education said. 

According to the participants of the discussion forum “Veche”, the main thing is to make all plans to come true. And that’s why it is necessary to work together, and submit the concept and the project for public discussion again and again.