29.03.2019  Issues of counteracting extremism were discussed with the NovSU School of Electronic and Information Systems first year students

On 27 March, the Deputy Vice-Rector for Social Development and Educational Work Igor Fomin met with the first year students of the NovSU School of Electronic and Information Systems to discuss the topic “Strategy for Countering Extremism in the Russian Federation until 2025.”

The topic though sounded globally, but was very relevant for the students. Today, young people have a lot of questions about what they can “like” and “repost” on social networks, what means of protection they can have, what to do with phone messages about alleged explosives and whether it is a joke or real threat of terrorism and extremism. 

During his speech, Igor Fomin referred to the regulatory base: the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses, the Federal Law On Countering Extremist Activities, the Federal Law On Countering Terrorism. The basic concepts were explained to the students:

  • what extremist activity is;
  • what extremist organization is;
  • what materials are extremist.

Despite the seriousness of the raised issues the conversation turned out to be very vivid due to the huge number of examples from life. Lecturer was asked about: so called bomb calls, extremism on the Internet, the stages of involving young people in illegal activities, how to react if there is a suspicion that the material is not quite right.

At the end of the meeting, Igor Fomin told the students about the created cyberworking and invited them to take part in the event called Extremism and Terrorism in Modern Society: Conditions of Occurrence and Forms of Counteraction, which will be held on 2 April at the “Tochka Kipeniya” court.