12.04.2019  Keysight Technologies held a seminar at the Department of Radio Engineering.

On April 9, at the NovSU Radio Engineering Department, Keysight Technologies held a seminar on the topic of “Basics of work in CAD Advanced Design System”. Training in the field of microwave frequencies CAD has been conducted by qualified specialists of SCAN Company and Keysight Technologies.

Specialists from OKB-Planeta company, Planeta-Argall company, employees of the NovSU Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, faculty members and the students of the Radio Engineering Department participated in the seminar.

The seminar participants learned about the capabilities of the Keysight EEsof CAD ecosystem and did a number of laboratory works: “Project Basics and ADS Simulation”, “Basics of Electromagnetic Analysis in ADS”, “Linear and Nonlinear Circuit Simulators in ADS”, “Co-Simulation of Active Components Models and an electromagnetic topology model using the new RFPro module”.

The department leadership discussed the possible ways of using the presented software in the educational process and scientific activities.