09.05.2019  The literary meeting “One Victory for All” was held at the NovSU Starorussky College

On May 8, the meeting «One Victory for Al» dedicated to the art of Bulat Okudzhava was organized at the Starorussky Polytechnic College (NovSU branch). Here they told about the biography of the poet-bard and the main theme of his work - memories of the war.

Bulat Okudzhava once noted: “All my poems and songs are not about the war, but against it. I realized that war is a harsh, cruel fight, and the joy of victories mixed with the bitterness of loss, which I witnessed.” According to the poet, not developed not a speculative, but an organic hatred of war. So it left an imprint on his whole life, and on his art as well.


At the meeting, songs were sung from the movie "Belarus Station", by lyrics of B. Okudzhava. Such as "Goodbye, Boys", "Grab a Great-Coat and Let`s Go Home"," Can You Hear the Rumbling of the Boots" etc., also his poetry was read by the students. 

At the end of the meeting the song "The Cranes" was performed, which the participants dedicated to all those who was killed or died during the World War II.