26.09.2019  Korean language courses for all comers

On September 26, the NovSU Korean Language and Culture Center launched its Korean language courses. Classes are taught by highly qualified teachers of the Korean language Daria Ismailova (St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Asian and African Studies) and Maria Semyonova (Moscow State Linguistic University, Eurasian Linguistic Institute, Department of Oriental Languages). Every student is provided with didactic and teaching materials.

The Korean Language and Culture Center was established in NovSU in October 2007 at the initiative of the Consulate General of the Korea Republic in St. Petersburg. Priority areas of activity are teaching the Korean language and dissemination of Korean culture in NovSU and Veliky Novgorod.

Over the twelve years of its existence, more than two hundred people have been trained the Korean Language Center. Many of the plans have already been implemented, however the teaching staff has new ideas for the Korean Center to continue its intensive developement. At the celebration of the Center’s tenth anniversary, the Consul General of the Republic of Korea in St. Petersburg said: “Thanks to the NovSU Korean Center, people can not only learn the language, but also get acquainted with the culture and customs of our country. All this allows us to learn and better understand each other.”