25.09.2019  Famous literature scholars from Russia and abroad gathered at the VII Musatov Readings

On September 26, the traditional “Musatov Readings-2019. Artistic traditions in Russian literature of the XIX - XXI centuries” started its work. This International Scientific Conference is organized by the Yaroslav-the-Wise Scientific and Educational Center for Literary Studies and the Department of Philology. The readings are dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Musatov, doctor of philological sciences, professor, head of the department of Russian literature of the 20th century, a famous researcher of poetry of the 20th century, author of the significant number of monographs. This year, on August 24, Vladimir Vasilievich Musatov would have turned 70 years old.

The conference brought together well-known literature scholars from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tula, Veliky Novgorod etc., as well as several foreign countries: Belarus, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Estonia. In total, more than 40 reports were presented during the conference.