03.10.2019  A professor from an American partner university will work in NovSU

During the 2019/2020 academic year, Paul Wallace, Professor at Appalachian State University (North Carolina, USA), the partner-university since 2011, will work at NovSU.

Встреча с проректором по МД Михаилом Певзнером

Prof. Wallace will take part in co-developing and co-piloting the “Technologies for Communication” course, which will be implemented as part of the joint online graduate certificate program “Leader of the International Virtual Team”. The project is being implemented under the Cooperation Agreement.

Participants of the project from the American party are faculty members of the ASU Reich College of Education –  Barbara Howard, the Professor, Director of the Leadership and Education Administration Program; Herb Brown, the Professor of Career and Technical Education, Educational Media: Instructional Technology Programs; Paul Wallace, the Associate Professor of Instructional Technology Program, and Lee Ball, the Chief Sustainability Officer.

Participants of the project from the Russian party are Natalya Ilyashenko, the associate professor of the Industry Management Department, Tatiana Kudryashova, chair of the Industry Management Department, and Rinat Zalilov, the Head of the Educational and Research Laboratory of Medical and Information Technologies. 

Professor Wallace's visit began with a meeting with Mikhail Pevzner, the Vice Rector for International Relations, Natalya Shaydorova, the Head of the Office of International Relations, and Natalya Ilyashenko, the project coordinator. During this meeting the stay program was discussed. Also, the topics for classes and lectures for NovSU students studying in various programs were identified.