14.10.2019  All-Russian festival of ideas and technologies “Rukami”

On 12-13 October, the All-Russian festival of ideas and technologies “Rukami”* took place on site of the NovSU School of Humanities in Antonovo. It is created for people passionate about technology, invention and technical creativity, as well as for viewers of all ages.

Each visitor became a member of a large movement of technology enthusiasts and inventors. Right at the festival, participants could create incredible devices, installations and performances by themselves.

The festival program included:

- Hackathon using neurotechnologies, virtual and augmented reality technologies and 3D technologies.

- "Tesla Show": fountain of lightning, "Blimp Explosion" and other phenomena of electricity.

- Live workshop on mobile photography by Konstantin Chalabov and Andrey Morozov.

- Performance by electronic musician Kira Lao.

- Contests with valuable prizes and much more.


*”Rukami (by hand)” is a non-profit project initiated by the Russian Venture Company and implemented by the National Technological Initiative project.