10.10.2019  A conference dedicated to the innovative economy development in Russia

On October 9, the NovSU School of Economics, Management, and Law hosted the all-Russian scientific and practical conference "Relevant Questions of Innovative Economy Development".

"We chose this topic for the conference on purpose, because it is closely related to the goals and objectives of the President of the Russian Federation Decree published in 2018. The Decree refers to reducing poverty twice, increasing the number of innovative enterprises, solving the problems of developing the technological structure of the country," - said the Director of the School Vladimir Trifonov at the opening.

The conference was held in in person and in absentia format, and was attended by experts from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Veliky Novgorod. Seven reports were scheduled for the plenary session in total. In particular, the scholars of the Central Economic and Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences presented a report "Analysis of Communication Problems between Elements of the National Innovation System of the Russian Federation", and associate professors of the St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation delivered a report "Innovation and Investment Cooperation between China and Russia". 

Novgorod researches also presented reports on various topics. For example, Svetlana Parshinkova, a graduate student of NovSU and an individual entrepreneur, compared the world's economic models in agriculture with Russian ones in her report. For example, in America, people rely on small farms, in Europe - on larger ones, in Japan large and small farms are developing in close cooperation with the Institute of Science and the government. "The Japanese type of development is considered the most promising in the world. In Russia, unfortunately, there is no unified mechanism of development yet. And it seems to me, it is necessary for an innovative economy that the government appealed to people, those who are already working in this direction," Svetlana Parshinkova emphasizes. And her words are based on practical experience. Svetlana together with her family keeps a farm and a camp site in the Valdai district. Guests are not only offered to buy farm products: cottage cheese, milk, whey, but hosts also feed them during the holiday products of local production. The idea to create such an agricultural and tourist enterprise appeared after there were difficulties with the sale of meat and milk. In the future, Svetlana plans to buy deer from the Belarus farm. Deer are now raised there, so they can be bred in our climate.

Two breakout sessions were held in the second half of the day: Theory and practice of innovative economy development; Innovative strategy and innovative potential of enterprises.