17.10.2019  Official visit of the NovSU delegation to Lodz University of Technology (TUL)

On 8-12 October, the NovSU delegation visited the Lodz University of Technology (Poland). Members of the delegation were Acting Rector Yury Borovikov, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovations Andrei Efremenkov, Vice-Rector for International Relations Mikhail Pevzner, Director of the School of Continuous Pedagogical Education Alexander Shirin, Chair of the Department of Technology and Art Education Peter Petryakov.

The Novgorodians took part in the inauguration ceremony of the new academic year at TUL, discussed opportunities for future cooperation with the Rector of the Lodz University of Technology Slavomir Viyak, Vice-Rectors Ireneusz Zbicinski and Witold Pawlowski.

The NovSU delegation visited the University institutes and laboratories, as well as the TUL Center for International Cooperation and the International Faculty of Engineering. On the last day of the visit, a presentation of the Polish-language version of the book “Lodz - Novgorod: 50 Years of Common History” written by Alexander Pyć took place.

During the negotiations with the directors of the TUL institutes, the plan of collaborative activities for 2019-2020 was developed.