26.03.2020  Student Volunteer office started working in Veliky Novgorod.

The student Volunteer office started working in Veliky Novgorod arranged by NovSU students’ teams. It was created to help the citizens who are or will be under quarantine or into self-isolation in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. At present, the technical equipment for the office is almost installed.

 «We have a telephone hotline for receiving calls from those in need», - said the coordinator of the unit, Alexey Nevokshenov. «Volunteers can help with anything: to bring a parcel home, to take out the trash and so on. There will be 3 people on duty on daily basis. Incoming requests will be processed and transmitted to the services crew. It will go directly to the place. 

It is expected to help old people in the first place. However, any citizen may reach out for help. 

This is how Yuri Borovikov, the rector of NovSU, commented on the creation of the office: “I fully support such endeavors. This office needs help with the organization, with the engagement with social services, doctors, operational headquarters and other entities.  

I think that the volunteer movement will have a significant role in overcoming the consequences of the pandemic in Novgorodskaya Oblast’.

This is very important for both young people and older generation.” 

Initially the office will work from 9 am to 6 pm.

Hotline: 88162332088