29.04.2020  New winners of the “UMNIK” contest are announced

The Innovation Support Fund has announced the winners of the "UMNIK" contest, the regional government press center reports. It should be mentioned that the program is aimed at supporting commercially oriented scientific and technical projects of young researchers.


In the Novgorod region, the NovSU students became the winners of the contest: Mikhail Chimarov with the development of a neural network to determine the presence of cognitive impairment through binaural beats, Ksenia Gavrilova with the development of an automated system for analyzing histological preparations, Vitaliy Streschuk with a mini-spectrograph based on a smartphone for registration, initial processing and quality assessment the spectrum of the radiation source, Ekaterina Korneva with a hardware-software complex for printing a prosthetic socket, Egor Ivanov with a mobile application for dynamic monitoring of skin tumors.

Each project will receive 500 thousand rubles for research within two years. The program also includes the pre-acceleration of the project - the study of the prospects for the commercialization of research results and the development of a business plan.

As noted, in the regional fund for promoting innovation, "UMNIK" will be the beginning of the path of innovative projects. After successful completion, a project can receive up to 2 million rubles under the “Start” program to continue research and open a small innovative enterprise.

The regional "UMNIIK" contest is held annually, but there are also other open competitions:

UMNIK - Digital Russia (until May 5);

UMNIK - Digital Neftegaz (until May 6);

UMNIK - VR/AR (until May 7);

UMNIK - Photonics (until June 30).