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02.04.2013 First run of “Est Kontakt” (“Have a Contact”) TV show – a joint project of NovSU and Novgorod TV company “NT”
01.04.2013 Conference on recruiting recent graduates in Education to regional schools
28.03.2013 NovSU students and the “Maly” theatre celebrated World Theatre Day together
26.03.2013 Meeting week at the university chapel of the Presentation of Our Lord
25.03.2013 NovSU Delegation visited University of Latvia
24.03.2013 Оn-line Lecture of Brian Tracy, the World’s Leading Expert in Business, for NovSU Students
23.03.2013 NovSU medical students took part in the International Conference in the Netherlands
22.03.2013 World Poetry Day at NovSU Literary Club
15.03.2013 Maria Gusar’s solo exhibition “Free Space” opened at NovSU
08.03.2013 Visit of Representatives of the Brockport College
01.03.2013 Open letter to the Federal Assembly deputies from people anxious about the destiny of archaeological heritage
27.02.2013 NovSU scholars took part in the Second Russian Economic Congress
22.02.2013 NovSU is already 20 years old, although it might celebrate its 40th anniversarily
08.12.2012 Representatives of NovSU took part in the U.S.-Russia Agribusiness Trade Mission
03.12.2012 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
26.11.2012 European Commission conference “Tuning in the world: New Degree Profiles for New Societies
10.10.2012 NovSU students will study at Appalachian State University (North Carolina, US)
09.09.2012 Week of International Cooperation
02.04.2012 TUNING RUSSIA: Elaboration of educational programs comparable and compatible with European continues
23.05.2011 II International Forum “Music Performance and Pedagogy” dedicated to the 150th anniversary of A.S. Arensky