Education and Research

At present NovSU possesses a modern technological base, and considerable scientific and pedagogical potential. According to the official rating scheme of 2006 NovSU is ranked 63rd among 215 Classical Universities of Russia. 

The peculiar characteristic of NovSU is the fact that alongside with traditional forms of vocational education, such as humanities and natural sciences, it provides technical, agricultural, medical, and pedagogical education.

Vocational education at the University is structured into following levels:

- Secondary vocational education (SVE), realized at NovSU colleges; -  Higher vocational (HVE), realized at the faculties and in its turn having three levels:
  • incomplete higher education – 1st level; 
  • basic higher education (Bachelor’s program) – 2nd level; 
  • advanced higher education (Master’s program) – 3rd level;
-  Postgraduate vocational education: post-graduate and doctoral courses, medical internship.



Besides acquiring basic educational programmes SVE and HVE, students have the opportunity to take part in advanced vocational education programs at different levels:

- Vocational education (working trades), allowing the students to receive working trades, which improves the quality of knowledge in their majors and strengthens their social security both during studying and in the future;

- Higher professional education through programmes, allowing the students to receive additional  qualification “Teacher”, “Lecturer”, “Interpreter in the sphere of professional communication”.

 Now the University has the right to carry out educational activities in 219 educational programmes including:
  • in the sphere of  vocational training –19 specialties;
  • in the sphere of secondary vocational education –29 specialties;
  • in the sphere of higher education:
    -          branches of Bachelor’s training -19,
    -          branches of Master’s training – 12;
    -          specialties - 61;
    -          branches of certified specialists – 17;
  • in the sphere of post-graduate education:
    -          Post-graduate courses–59 specialties;
    -          Internship courses – 10 specialties;
  • in the sphere of advanced education – 7 programmes.