General Information

Today, more than 10 thousand students study at the university, among them about 6,000 Bachelor degree students, 224 medical residents, and 58 PhD students. The university provides degree training for about 800 international students from 51 countries of the world.

Academic degrees or diplomas awarded:

B.Sc.; M.Sc.; Specialist  

Duration of studies:
4 years - Bachelor's degree (161.710,00 rubles/year)
2 years - Master's degree (169.950,00 rubles/year)
5 years - Dentistry, Pharmacy, Bachelor of Archtecture (169.950,00 rubles/year)
6 years - General Medicine (169.950,00 rubles/year)
2 years - Postgraduate Studies 
3 years - Postgraduate Studies in Medicine

Academic year structure for full time students:
Fall semester — September to January
Spring semester —  February to June
July and August — summer break

Language of training — Russian for all courses

Department of Russian as a Foreign Language
Department of Russian as a Foreign Language at NovSU offers short and long-term courses of business and colloquial Russian for students and everyone who wishes to study the Russian language, culture, etc.

Admission Terms for International Students

To become a NovSU student you must apply to the International Students' Office. Exchange students are selected by their home universities. Applications for admission have to include the following documents:

  • Certificate of Secondary Education, General Certificate of Education Advanced Level, Attestation du Baccalauréat de l'Enseignement Secondaire, etc.
  • Photocopy of the Certificate of Secondary Education, legalized in accordance with standard international procedure and translated into Russian. The translation should be certified by the authorized official or institution and binded with the legalized photocopy. The name of the holder in the translation should correspond the one in Russian visa.
  • Official letter, issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Science and Education, stating the recognition of the certificate in Russian Federation as an official document, equivalent to Russian Certificate of General Secondary Education and confirming the right of the holder to apply to the institutions of higher education. For more information go to and
  • Health certificate, stating that the candidate is fit for studies.

International students are enrolled in NovSU on a competitive basis based on the results of entrance examinations, which are held in Russian in written form upon the completion of the Preparatory Department.

The university offers the following services to make your stay more convenient:

  1. Accommodation in the University dormitory
  2. Transfer from the airport
  3. Health insurance
  4. Sports facilities
  5. The cultural program (trips to other Russian cities, visiting of theatres, museums, exhibitions)  



On-campus living  is a vital component of your overall university experience and here at Novgorod State University, we are proud to offer a convenient, affordable, and modern dormitories, which will become your home away from home. Room rate: 1449 rubles/month.


There is a student canteen at NovSU. Also students can buy a coffee and a snack from a “snack machine” in the main hall.  Upon prior request, lunches can be provided in the University restaurant. In evenings, students can enjoy a variety of restaurants in the city center. The following website provides information about restaurants in Veliky Novgorod:


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