Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University is the recognized center of scientific research in the Novgorod region and North-West region of Russia. Scientific activity of university is carried out in three main directions:

  • Research, which includes the implementation of fundamental and applied R&D, experimental development, organization of students' scientific-research work;
  • Organization of the innovation cycle for the implementation of research results;
  • Training the specialists of the highest qualification within the programs of doctoral studies, postgraduate studies, traineeships, internships, magistracies, Faculty of Professional Development.

For achievement of these purposes NovSU has a well-developed infrastructure of science service and high-technology business, which includes:

– Research Center;
– Innovation Department;
– Center of New Information Technologies;
– Fundamental Library;
– 3 doctoral dissertation councils;
– Doctoral studies, postgraduate studies, traineeship, internship, the magistracy;
– Business Incubator;
– Technopark;
– Innovation and Technology Centre;
– Publishing Centre.

Coordination of scientific research in NovSU is carried out by a Research Center, which is a structural subdivision of the university.

Coordination of innovative activities of university is performed by an Innovation Department, which includes Patenting Center, Technopark, Innovation and Technology Center, Center of Marketing. The structure of Technopark includes Center of Innovation Consulting, Advertising Agency, Publishing Center, a project expert group.

Main objective of innovation is development of system of off-budget financing of university for strengthening of material and technical resources of educational process and scientific research, improvement the quality of education, the preservation of human resources and support for scientific schools.

Innovative activities at university are conducted in the following directions:

– Development of innovation infrastructure elements;

– Implementation of innovation projects;

– Work with innovation fund;

– Creation of small innovative enterprises with the participation of NovSU

– Innovations in education.

The Innovative Portal created within the project of development of innovative infrastructure of NovSU is daily filled with the relevant materials and news on such subjects as high-technology business, attraction of resources to commercialization and a transfer of technologies, the organization of startups, success stories.

The Training Center of an innovative entrepreneurship of NovSU organizes advanced training according to the "Implementation of Innovations in Small and Medium Business" program.

In 2014, Business Incubator of the University was established to improve the ecosystem of innovation. 15 small innovative enterprises have been created in accordance with the Federal Law N 217.

The student's design office "Poisk" contributes to development of scientific activity among youth, its technological base has been modernized lately, a number of the new perspective directions have been opened.

For mutual exchange in the field of scientific and innovative activities, NovSU regularly invites foreign scientists who provide expertise and advice, participate in  joint actions.

NovSU has effectively working Patenting Center for the management of intellectual property items.

Youth Science Department of NovSU is the part of the scientific sector of the University and performs the activities for coordination of the scientific work which is carried out by students and young scientists in structural divisions of NovSU. It also performs the activities for ensuring interaction with government, public and scientific organizations concerning scientific, research and innovative activities of youth.