Students' Life

Students' LifeNovSU means not only quality education, but also the bright, sated students' life! The formation and development of young personality cannot be achieved without the effective system of extracurricular activities. Student's life is exciting; it is not limited only to classroom studies. There are many areas in which students can express themselves not only as future professionals, but also as creative, versatile people. Students realize their creative potential in the diversified centers of extracurricular activities, in studios, mugs sections and creative groups.



The major feature of the university is the systemic organization of extra curriculum activities  on the basis of steady traditions. Thus not only students, but also university teachers actively participate in all events.



NovSU has 17 volunteer associations uniting more than 300 people. Students of NovSU participate in different volunteer activities: social patronizing, the restoration and care after military burial places, ecological protection, socio psychological and legal aid to children and elderly persons.



Student's Labour Teams are a fine possibility for a student to get a job and spend summer in the company of friends and group mates. In addition it is quite good to earn money.

By right KVN (Club of the Merry and Inventive) is considered to be one of the most interesting student's activities. It is not an exaggeration to say that students from all areas of the university are involved in KVN movement. NovSU teams are very different; they are funny and entertaining groups.

Students Union of NovSU invites active and ambitious students! It is a command of young, ambitious university students who are ready to act and create for the benefit of the group mates and the Alma Mater! It is the union of students for students.