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Educational Management

Educational Management (3 cr., offered on request)

Course Aim: To enlarge the students’ knowledge in the contemporary theoretical perspective and social and economic dimensions of education in general and educational management in particular, in order to promote professional competence of postgraduate students and to provide the theoretical basis for their own research in the field.

Course Aims: To provide students with a critical understanding of:
- different theoretical positions in the field of education and educational management;
- social dimension of educational problems;
- existing relationships between education and the economy in a changing society.

Learning Outcomes:
As a result of the development of this critical understanding, students will be better able:
-  to identify and clarify the justification for education that comes from a host of fields;
-  to debate the social issues of equality, freedom and democracy in educational context;
-  to reflect on the macroeconomic and labor market impact of education and on various imperfections education attenuates or reinforces;
- to strengthen a theoretical basis for one’s own research.