Technology and Information Support

The NovSU leadership considers information as a key line of activity (the major strategic resource), providing achievement of all strategic targets of the university. Managing information by the university complex is one of the main conditions of its effective work.



Today NovSU has various subsystems which help to keep accounts and save different information about university's activities. Library system MARC (in the new version) provides automation of all library processes (the electronic catalog, search, the order of literature, etc). 

Distance Learning

In September 2007, the server of support of distance learning of NovSU was placed in operation; the Moodle platform possessing tools for creation of new distance-learning courses was established. In 2009, the Distance Learning Center was created. It carries out its activity in interaction with the university divisions, rendering services of the basic and additional professional education. 


Computer Class


The information and tele­communication infrastructure is stable and is constantly developed, to meet actual requirements of a modern classical university, providing favorable conditions for quality education, carrying out of scientific research, introduction of innovations. 


At present, the NovSU corporate network unites all structural divisions with the help of high-speed communication channels. Thousands of computers, tens of servers, network office equipment are connected to the general network and have Internet access. The structured cable system made according to the international standards serves as the basis of a network of each university division (institute or department). 

The powerful telecommuni­cation infrastructure of NovSU, the developed organizational infrastructure of information, highly professional shots, the effective regional policy define the  central role of university in creation and development of regional research networks of the Novgorod region. Thereby, NovSU is the perfect example to show advantages of information technologies in the modern university.There are also free WiFi zones in all university buildings and dormitories.