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24.03.2019 Students of the NovSU Russian-German Academy met with the Chairperson of the Committee for Tourism
23.03.2019 Students of the NovSU Preparatory Department read Pushkin’s works on “Hour of Poetry”
14.03.2019 International students of the NovSU Preparatory Department get acquainted with Maslenitsa and Russian pancakes.
09.03.2019 A cooperation agreement has been signed between NovSU and Uppsala University (Sweden)
04.03.2019 School students from 5 regions visited the NovSU School of Medical Education on an Open Day
02.03.2019 "Russian Seasons" was opened in NovSU with grey shchi soup and pike perch dishes tasting
26.02.2019 Discussion forum “Veche” was dedicated to Novgorod Technical School
22.02.2019 The future psychologists took part in the national competition “The Human Factor. Student League”
15.02.2019 Theology in ancient church and modern University seminar
14.02.2019 Excellent result of the NovSU Legal Clinic Students at the Olympiad in Arkhangelsk
13.12.2018 Internship of NovSU students in Bielefeld (Germany)
13.12.2018 Graduate student from Belarus studied at NovSU
07.12.2018 Yaroslav-the-Wise’s Day: 80th Anniversary of Saint Petersburg Institute of History Section in Novgorod
05.12.2018 Geography students are the prize winners in All-Russian competition with international participation
30.11.2018 The conference dedicated to the World AIDS Day took place at NovSU
24.11.2018 A song festival dedicated to the work of Vladimir Shainsky took place in NovSU
24.11.2018 NovSU Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation reported to the Novgorod commodity producers about the Engineering Center
22.11.2018 Volunteers are preparing for the «Russia and Hansa» media forum at the House of Journalists
13.11.2018 The professor of NovSU took the first place in the competition «The Entrepreneur of the Year»
13.11.2018 More than a hundred people wrote the Geographical Dictation at NovSU