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Вестник НовГУ > 2011 > №62

Antropova G.A., Okonenko T.I. Eye Diseases: Incidence and Pharmaceutical Market of Ophthalmological Drugs

Burdyukovа E.V., Orlov V.A., Pustovalov D.A., Dmitrieva E.A., GurevIch K.G. Features health and physical development of schoolchildren 14-17 years old in Moscow

Egorova I.A., Buchnov A.D., Matvienko V.V., Nazarov K.A. Ten-year analysis of ostheopatic diagnosing and treatment efficiency in early infants with somatic dysfunctions

Zhdanovskiy V.V., Darvin V.V., Slepov M.N. An outpatient surgery clinic centre: the problem of organization

Zalilov R.Yu. The tendencies of development, models and standards of learning in the russian university medical high education (19 — 21 centuries)

Lisitsin V.I. Dynamics of the main mortality causes for the adult population in the Novgorod region (beginning of XXI century)

Chuvakov G.I., Chuvakova O.A., Tsvetkov D.A. Peculiarities of self-control, self-concept and self-regulation of the emotional state in nurses working in clinics

Kotov A.V., Novikova A.P. Specific Features while Implementing Achievement Motivation with an Internal Component of ‘Fear of Failure' and Its Cardio Respiratory Correlates among the Students in the Course of a Long Educational Process

Revina N.E., Pevtsova E.I. Empathy, «burnout» syndrome and heart rate variability

Afanasiev A.N., Kirillin A.V., Selivanova O.E., Shalygin A.B. Differentiated treatment and diagnostic tactics in acute destructive pancreatitis

Veber V.R., Gubskaya P.M., Bondarenko V.S. Structural changes of heart in experimental animals in modelling of different versions of acute stress and opportunities for medical correction

Vinogradov A.I., Suhenko I.A., Dyakov A.S. Features of circadian blood pressure monitoring (before treatment and on the background of effective antihyperten-sive amlodipine treatment) and the reaction to physical stress in hypertensive women with normal emotional back-ground and with subclinical depression

Gadzhiev S.A., Uhanov A.P. Comparative analysis of endovideosurgery and open surgery for damaged dia-phragm

Gorshenin T.L., Mogila A.I., Smigelsky I.S., Romanenkov N.S., Rusakevich K.I., Koloskov V.V. Characteristics of duodenal ulcer in elderly people (literature review)

Egorova E.S., Okonenko L.B., Bondarenko O.S. Pharmacoeconomic analysis of outpatient combined therapy of arterial hypertension and hypercholesterolemia

Karibaev K.R. Some interconnections of pathogenetic mechanisms of early post-infarction angina

Kashaeva M.D. Disorder of homeostasis and blood aggregation in patients with obstructive jaundice of non-neoplastic ethiology

Kerimkulova A.S. Research of wall thickness of left and right ventricles in patients with arterial hypertension basing on postmortem examination

Lapshinov E.B., Shcherbakov A.A., Zharovskih O.S., Khachatryan E.S. HIP ar-throplasty results in senior age groups of patients

Nanchikeeva M.L., Kozlovskaya L.V., Fomin V.V., Bulanov N.M., Bulanov M.N. Early stage of renal pathology in patients with essential arterial hypertension: diagnostic and monitoring

Paskar S.V. Ways to improve results of treatment in destructive pancreatitis

Proshin A.V. Particularities of wound process dynamics in patients with pyonecrotic forms of diabetic foot syndrome, using complex approach in surgical treatment

Rubanova M.P., Zhmaylova S.V., Antonov E.K. Change of extracellular spaces of myocardium change of myocardium in simulation of various options of acute stress in the experiment

Turgunov E.M., Azizov I.S., Ihsanullah, Djumanov G.I. Effect of impulse electrical discharge on biofilm formating activity of the microorganisms

Fishman B.B., Fomenko L.A., Shengeliya G.D., Choroshevskaia A.I. Kuprin P.E., Michailova G.V., Pavlova O.V., Kondratiev V.V., Rodionova U.M., Nikiforov A.T., Zinnshtain B.S., Razdobreev A.S., Prihodko A.Y. Possibility of the combination of anxiety-depressive syndrome AТВ arterial hypertension in the population of the northwest of Russia

Chentsov V.I., Shkurin V.F., Shkurin F.V. False aneurysm of the distal anastomosis as a cause of re-current reconstructions of the aorto-femoral segment

S h e r b u k A. Y., Bashkov L.L., Donskov V.V., Sidorenko V.A., Bondar I.I. The possibilities of application of innovative neurorehabilitation methods in St Petersburg State treatment and prophylaxis departments

Y a k o v e n k o T. V., Azizov E.M., Obolenskaya T.I., Yakovenko O.I. Possibilities of nutritional management for correction of disorders of liver functional condition in patients with acute pancreatitis

Arkhipov G.S., Azovtseva O.V., Arkhipova E.I. Analysis of death cases of HIV-infected basing on the materials of specialized department

Buzunova S.A. Clinical and pathogenetic approaches in therapy of neuroinfections

Grigorieva E.G. Organizational aspects of syphilis prevention

Koroleva S.A. Pathologic affection of children with different degrees of risk of intrauterine infection

Larina N.G. Vegetative and hemodynamic responses to stress in adolescents with constitutional-exogenous obesity and vascular dystonia of hypertensive type

Miroshnichenko O.M. Function of endothelium at adolescents with constitutional exogenous obesity before and after rehabilitation

Roytman E.I., Ershevskaya A.B., Pogrebnyak L.N. Ways of improving of medical and psychological rehabilitation of children with constitutional-exogenous obesity in hospital and sanatorium

Khizha V.V., Artiushin B.S., Chernov K.E., Alekseev P.S., Golubeva E.V., Tarasov A.D. On the complexities of interpretation of rare neuroendocrine tumors in children

Cherenkov V.G., Petrov A.B., Ivanchenko V.V., Tverezovsky S.A., Chistyakov T.V., Aleksandrov A.S., Frumkin B.B. Problems and prospects of diagnostics and treatment of primary multiple breast cancer

Kovaleva M.S., Britova A.A. Morphological changes in the state of dental tissues in the treatment of deep caries with dentin-sealing liquid and low-intensity laser radiation (clinical and experimental research)

Kondrateva A.A. Dynamics of wound healing after surgical interference on periodontal tissues by using transcranial stimulation in postoperative period

K a s p a r o v а A. E., Belotserkovtseva L.D., Kovalenko L.V., Mordovina I.I., Sus L.A., Starodumova V.A. Morhofunctional changes in the placenta of patients with high risk pregnancy pathology. The role of integrated prevention in improving outcomes

Novak K.E., Karev V.E., Dunaeva N.V., Esaulenko E.V. Comparative morphological characterization of viral and viral-alcoholic liver cirrhosis (based on autopsy data)

Proshina L.G., Fedorova N.P., Bykova O.S., Antonova L.M., Zamyshlyaev A.V. Assessment of parenchimatosal and stromal interactions in myocardium with development of experimental heart failure and stress